Migrating to Rosey

Convert your translation setup to use Rosey.

If you’re starting from scratch, have a look at the Rosey documentation to get set up, then move on to the next step.

If your site is already setup for i18n on CloudCannon, migrating to Rosey is easy.

Migrating your site#

  1. Initialize NPM on your site with npm init if you haven’t already
  2. Install Rosey with npm install rosey
  3. Rename your _locales directory to rosey/locales and convert each file to JSON.
  4. Add a rosey.yml file with some basic configuration:
source: "path/to/your/built/site" # e.g. _site
tag: "data-i18n" # the attribute you've tagged your translatable elements with
  1. At this point, you can already start testing locally. Run npx rosey build --serve and see your translated site running on a local server.

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