Hosting your sites

Learn about your options for hosting a site with CloudCannon.

A key aspect of web development is getting a site set up to view on the internet. Your CloudCannon account comes with a testing URL, hosting allowance and options to help you get your site live.

Testing sites

To help you test what you’re building, every site built on CloudCannon automatically comes with its own testing URL. You can use it to test and review your site, without having to set up your own domain.

Learn more about Testing domains

Custom domains

When the time comes to launch your site to your preferred URL, you can easily add a custom domain and configure your DNS settings. CloudCannon will automatically generate a SSL Certificate, so your site will be securely served over HTTPS.

Learn more about Custom domains

Hosting externally

You can set up an output sync for your site if you’d rather have your site deploy to your own infrastructure. With an output sync, CloudCannon will still handle your editing and build.

Learn more about Build deploys

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