Building a site with a template

Explore the CloudCannon CMS with one of our simple templates.

Explore one of our free templates to get a preview of what CloudCannon could look like for your industry. We have a range of templates for Jekyll, and a couple for Hugo, Eleventy, Next.js, and SvelteKit.

You can review our library here or build one in CloudCannon.

  1. Sign up to CloudCannon or log in with your existing account
  2. Head to Sites
  3. Click Add new site and select Browse templates
  4. Use the dropdown menu to select your preferred static site generator
  5. Browse the templates and click on one to select it as your option
  6. The final step is to name your site and click Create
  7. You’ll see a terminal window and progress bar showing you what’s going on behind the scenes
  8. Once built, you’ll be directed to your site in CloudCannon with a confirmation screen — from there, you can click Open my visual editor to see the site or explore the site files
Building a site from one of our templates.

Other templates

You can also purchase templates from third party template sites such as Jekyll Themes. To add one of these templates to CloudCannon see our guide on Connecting your first site.

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