General fixes

June 13th, 2024 | Minor

This release addressed several issues, including those affecting saving files with failing validation, Text editable regions, auto-generated Bookshop structures, Multiselect inputs, sync-triggered builds, and collection filters.


  • Fixed an issue where one file with failing title validation would prevent you from saving other files.
  • Fixed an issue where Enter or Shift+Enter would not create a new line in Text editable regions.
  • Fixed an issue where generating the CloudCannon Global Configuration file would duplicate auto-generated Bookshop structures.
  • Fixed an issue where Multiselect inputs could display files explicitly excluded from a collection.
  • Fixed an issue where a merge triggered by syncing CloudCannon would not trigger a new build.
  • Fixed an issue where using filter: 'strict' to determine which files are visible in a collection did not respect a glob option defined in collections_config.
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