SSL certificate improvements

June 7th, 2024 | Minor

This release included several changes to SSL certificates, including updating how often CloudCannon checks your domain name, adding an email when your SSL certificate fails to renew, and updating the UI on the Custom Domains page. It also added better error messaging, support for a context field and multi-line comments on inputs, and more accessible colors.

This release addressed several issues, including those affecting HTML inputs, external link previews, spacing in the UI, Site merging, and the Pull Request description box.

Features & Improvements#

  • Updated the way CloudCannon generates SSL certificates. Rather than checking your domain name is pointing at CloudCannon every 20 minutes, CloudCannon will now use an exponential backoff model.
  • CloudCannon will now email all team members with permission to read the Settings details for a Base Domain when an SSL certificate fails to renew.
  • Updated the UI for the Custom Domains page under Site Settings.
    • Added a new tab structure.
    • Added a select box to choose a custom certificate.
    • The Custom Domains page will no longer say your Site is insecure if the certificate is loading or fails to load.
  • Added filtering options for the SSL Certificates page in Organization Settings.
  • Added the new context option for all inputs to provide context or extra instructions for team members using inputs. You can now define, context.title, context.icon, and context.content for each input.
  • Added the show_count option to configure a character counter for text area inputs.
  • Added support for multi-line comments on inputs.
  • Added the option to specify Hugo, Ruby, node, and deno version numbers in the Environment Options on the Build Configuration page under Site Settings.
  • Added the Project name to the Target dropdown when creating a permission with the Project scope.
  • Improved the clarity of error messages when you attempt to delete a Site with a custom domain before removing Sites connected to subpaths of that domain.
  • Improved the clarity of error messages when you attempt to use DAM files without the correct permissions.
  • Improved the appearance of long text on Choice and Multichoice inputs.
  • Improved the performance of the Projects page to load Sites faster.
  • Updated the Nimbus gray color used in the app to pass accessibility contrast tests at WCAG AA level.
  • You can now use a CloudCannon global configuration file with Sites using Static SSG.


  • Fixed an issue where preview.icon_color and preview.image did not work for choice and multichoice inputs.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the boundary of a modal would cut off a tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where HTML inputs could not be empty after deleting text.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect spacing in the UI for Site inboxes, managing Credit Cards, and Members List.
  • Fixed an issue where defining paths.static as an empty string at the input level did not override the global value.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip in the editing interface.
  • Fixed an issue where merging a Site using the Merge Immediately option incorrectly required permission to read pull requests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pull Request description box would sometimes clear content.
  • Fixed an issue where you could attempt to cancel after confirming you want to remove a team member from your Organization.
  • Fixed an issue where URL inputs incorrectly showed a preview for external links without https://.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, you could not cancel a pending invitation to your Organization.
  • Updated dependencies to patch security vulnerabilities.
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