Site Activity tab update

February 21st, 2024 | Minor

This release updated the appearance and functionality of the Site Activity tab. This tab now lists more types of site activity, including information about changes from external sources, branch settings, and sync or output errors. The tab will also refresh with each sync or Site Settings update.

This release also made minor copy changes in the app, allowed users to sync files while an editing session was open, and adding name and email configuration for Client Sharing.

This release addressed issues affecting Site Mounting, the Cloudflare icon, domain releases, DAMs, and the Sync files button.

Features & Improvements:#

  • Released an appearance update for the Site Activity tab. The Site Activity tab now shows:
    • Authors and commit messages for changes from an external source (i.e., git provider).
    • Changes to Branch and Publish Branch settings.
    • When a Sync or Output Error occurs.
    • More events regarding updates to Site Settings.
  • The Site Activity tab will now refresh with each sync or Site Settings update.
  • Minor copy improvements in the app.
  • Users can now sync files while an editing session is open.
  • Users can now configure a name and email for Client Sharing. These are used to identify the author of commits to your git repository.
  • Users can now use the keyboard to show or hide their password, improving accessibility.


  • Fixed an issue preventing Standard Plan users from adding multiple Site Mountings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cloudflare icon was not visible on a white background.
  • Fixed an issue where CloudCannon would not redirect users away from the Domain page after they released a domain.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from setting a DAM as the main source.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Sync files button on the Site dashboard to fail in the event of an error.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Schema option hide_extra_inputs from working.
  • Fixed an issue allowing URL encoding to bypass Auth Routes.
  • Fixed an an issue preventing /.well-known/ URLs being served.
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