Project and Domain page updates

October 19th, 2023 | Major

This release updated the appearance and functionality of the Project and Domain pages. These pages now have full-width lists, and a settings tab for editing your details. It also added new tasks and a dismiss function to the Organization setup task list, updated red UI elements for better accessibility, and added the capacity for files to update to new structure values.

This release addressed several issues, including the 'cancel build' button failing to display if you refreshed your site during a build, pagination errors for the Project page sites list, and better spacing for UI elements.


  • Released appearance and functionality updates for the Project page.
    • The Project page now displays a full-width list of your branches and a settings tab to edit your project details.
    • When creating a new project, you can select a repository you have not yet connected to CloudCannon.
    • You can use some Markdown syntax in the Project description.
  • Released appearance updates for the Domain page.
    • The Domain page now displays a full-width list of your sites and a settings tab to edit your details.
  • Released appearance updates for the Publish page.
    • The Publish page now displays a full-width field for describing your pull request, as well as Changes and Commits tabs to document your branch activity.
  • The Organization setup task list in the sidebar has new tasks, including prompts to watch our app demonstration video and book a meeting with the CloudCannon team.
  • You can now dismiss tasks from the Organization setup task list.
  • Opening a file in the app now checks for any updates made to structure values since the last time you edited that file. New inputs will appear by default, and you can configure deleted inputs to remove content.
  • Icons in the app now have better resolution and a loading animation. Icons will fall back to a broken icon if they fail to load.
  • Updated the shade of red used for UI elements to pass Web Content Accessibility Guidelines criteria at AA level.
  • New icons and menu text for Organization, site, and account settings to help differentiate each navigation item.


  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the error icon would display when a build is running.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'cancel build' button was unavailable if you reloaded your site during a build.
  • Fixed an issue where the Project page sites list would not display more than one results page.
  • Fixed the spacing of elements on the Cloudinary options page to improve clarity.
  • Moved the description paragraphs for 'use an existing branch' and 'create a new branch' on the Create Site page to improve clarity.

Future Changes:

In an upcoming release, we will update the Project page so you can create new branches off of existing branches as well as your main branch.

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