Partner Program dashboard and rewards page

September 29th, 2023 | Major

This release improved the visibility of points and rewards for members of our Partner Program, including an updated dashboard and rewards page. It also made UI elements throughout the app more consistent and added the option to omit extra parameters in Cloudinary URLs.

This release addressed issues affecting error codes from Bitbucket and GitLab and inconsistently saved parameters for Cloudinary URLs.


  • Released updates for the Organizations and Partner dashboards. Members of our Partner Program can now use their dashboard to navigate all organizations and clients easily.
  • Released the Partner rewards page, available to members of our Partner Program. This page lets members track total points, how they were earned, and download partner badges (Gold tier and higher). Members can also view all CloudCannon rewards earned, and the rewards available at the next program tier.
  • Reworked some UI elements to be more consistent throughout the app.
  • Added the option to always omit extra parameters when saving a Cloudinary URL. Please see our documentation for creating a Cloudinary DAM.


  • Fixed an issue where CloudCannon would incorrectly report error codes from the Bitbucket and GitLab APIs.
  • Fixed an issue where CloudCannon saved Cloudinary URL parameters inconsistently.
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