3D Secure Payments

May 12th, 2023 | Minor

This release adds support for payments that require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This includes cards that are protected using 3D Secure 2.


  • Support for payments with SCA.
  • Azure DAMs now have an option to tag uploaded files with the email of the user who uploaded them.
  • Added a button on the login screen to go back after selecting "Log in with email".
  • Added a short survey for new team members joining CloudCannon.
  • Updated the UI in the Assets section of the site settings to show more information.
  • Added an option to use existing DAM files when a clash is detecting during upload, and fixed the option to cancel the upload altogether.


  • Output files starting with underscores can now be selected when linking to another page.
  • The "Close" button on pull requests is now red to make it clearer that it will remove the pull request.
  • Inputs can now respect instance values configured on a schema.
  • Keys in nested schemas are now correctly sorted and deleted according to the reorder_inputs and remove_extra_inputs options.
  • Fixed a bug preventing existing images from being added to a page on sites with a Jekyll base_url.
  • A confirmation step is now required before files in Azure DAMs can be overwritten by a new upload.
  • Patched potential security vulnerabilities.
  • URLs saved from a main asset source Cloudinary DAM no longer include the asset type, delivery type, and version prefixes.
  • URLs saved after uploading an asset via the Cloudinary widget now respect your main asset source.
  • Fixed a caching error occurring on Hugo sites using Bookshop.
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