Custom install command for Hugo

April 28th, 2023 | Minor

This release adds the ability to configure a custom install command for Hugo sites – e.g. if you're using a package manager other than npm. This release also includes several other fixes and improvements.


  • The install command for Hugo sites is now configurable.
  • The "Urban" Bookshop starter template is now available for Hugo.


  • The working directory is now reset after a custom build command, for consistency with other build hooks.
  • Prevent builds crashing when the output directory has been configured with leading or trailing whitespace.
  • Patched some security vulnerabilities.
  • Deleting nested snippets no longer invalidates the parent snippet.
  • Avoid request timeouts when opening a Cloudinary DAM in the CloudCannon asset browser.
  • Fixed an issue preventing boolean keys displaying properly in card preview metadata.
  • Migrating Forestry configuration to CloudCannon now adds remove_extra_inputs: false and hide_extra_inputs: true to schemas, to more closely match Forestry's behaviour for templates.
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