Astro support out of beta

March 16th, 2023 | Minor

This release provides increased support for static sites built with Astro and marks the end of our beta.

Try our Sendit template, a fully featured Astro template optimized for visual editing in CloudCannon. Check out our starter guide for Astro here.


  • Commit message templates are now available to all users.
  • Build configuration fields now use a mono-space font for better readability.
  • When exporting form submission data to CSV, the form data is now separated nicely into columns.
  • Updated build suggestions for errors occurring on some versions of Astro.
  • Bridgetown and Lume SSGs are now available in beta.
  • The Intercom chat widget has been replaced by Hubspot for contacting support in app. There will be no change to how support is delivered.


  • Logging out of site authentication now works more reliably.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the upload of files with certain strings of characters in the filename.
  • Fixed a bug preventing files in an Azure DAM from being selected.
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