Site navigation improvements and new documentation

March 7th, 2023 | Major

All changes from our Beta environment are officially released. These changes include consolidation of information to the site dashboard, menus for switching between project branches more easily, greater configurability of the CloudCannon interface, and an overhaul of our documentation site.

If you need to go back for any reason, click "Enter CloudCannon Legacy" in the contextual menu in the bottom-left of the app.


  • Site activity is now shown on the Dashboard, and reports are shown on the Status page.
  • When editing a site, you can now use a dropdown in the top-left to quickly access the associated project, and other sites from that project.
  • Consolidated preview options for collections.
  • You can now configure the color of icons in the CloudCannon interface, using the preview.icon_color option.
  • Added bespoke icons for more source file types
  • CloudCannon can now auto-detect Forestry and Netlify CMS configuration on new sites and migrate it to CloudCannon configuration.


  • Fixed a case where the branch name in the sidebar would not update when the source branch was changed.
  • Fixed a typo on the Forms setting page
  • Fixed an issue related to nested post/draft collections in Jekyll
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