Option to add "nofollow" to links

February 15th, 2023 | Minor

The link editor will now allow you to add rel="nofollow", when you want to prevent search engine crawlers from following links.

We have also noticed an issue with builds failing for sites using Astro versions 2.0.7 and above. We have added a build suggestion to the app that should fix these sites. Affected sites should change their Astro version to 2.0.6 until a later Astro release that fixes this issue.


  • A "nofollow" option is now available when editing links.
  • The Sendit template is now available for Gatsby and Nuxt, in beta.
  • Added a suggested fix for a known build issue with Astro v2.0.7 and above.


  • DigiCert is now deprecated as a certificate authority for SSL. Affected users will be sent advice about how to proceed.
  • Requests to sites with invalid routing rules will now result in informative error pages, instead of generic 500 errors.
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