Full support for Eleventy

December 5th, 2022 | Major

This release adds full support for Eleventy in CloudCannon. Try Eleventy with your own custom site or with one of our templates. Read our documentation for details on how to configure your Eleventy site for CloudCannon.

We've made some updates to the flow for creating a new site. Helpful suggestions are displayed prominently if the first build fails. Terminal output has been replaced with configuration tips for non-technical editors. Build options are sorted more neatly into accordions.

This release also introduces a new configuration file for CloudCannon, which can be used to streamline the site creation process by defining build configuration in advance.


  • Full support and new starter templates for 11ty
  • Updated site creation pages and loading states
  • Updated build failed state with more prominent fix suggestions
  • New product tips for non-developer template build screens
  • Support for a new build configuration file for CloudCannon
  • CloudCannon branding has been removed from emails to site users who need to set up an account
  • Terminal output can be enlarged during the site creation flow
  • noTimes is now enabled by default for Hugo sites
  • npm install is now run automatically for Hugo sites with a package.json file


  • Fixed an issue which could slow down build times
  • Fixed an issue where build suggestions could sometimes get stuck loading
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