Updated preview option for inputs

November 23rd, 2022 | Minor

This release brings our new preview options used in Snippets (Hugo shortcodes) and Structure configuration to a number of inputs. We'll be bringing these across to collections next so that configuration is consistent everywhere. We've also included a number of other features and fixes in this release.


  • Move text_key, subtext_key, image_key and icon to new preview option for Select, Multiselect, Choice, Multichoice, Object and Array inputs.
  • Creating configuration from the site setup task list now pre-populates the configuration file with automatically discovered settings and helpful comments.
  • Improved design for unsubscribe link on various emails.
  • The configuration cascade now includes schemas, allowing you to configure _inputs differently per schema.


  • Change placeholders in Captcha form to look more like placeholders.
  • Fixed some icons displaying incorrectly in Safari.
  • Show user menu on organization list.
  • No longer incorrectly highlighting https protocol as insecure in some places of the interface.
  • Fixed default structure previews not displaying correct text and subtext.
  • Re-ordered site authentication select input to show options in order of complexity.
  • Fixed links shown in some brand colors being unreadable.
  • Now correctly using icon from schema for add_options derived from schemas.
  • Fixed an edge case missing billing changes when transferring sites in some cases.
  • Security updates for services.
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