Azure DAM and setup checklists

April 8th, 2022 | Major

This release adds three major improvements: Azure Blob Storage DAM, a setup checklist, and suggested build fixes. The setup checklist and suggested build fixes are designed to speed up the process of connecting your own site to CloudCannon and making it editable.


  • Azure Blob Storage DAM support
  • New setup checklist for all sites
  • Suggested fixes for broken builds
  • Added a rebuild button to site status page


  • New button position during site creation
  • Resolved issue changing to site SAML auth
  • Reduced other items on the site status page
  • Returning to site setup works from navigation
  • DAM preview in Org Settings supports uploads
  • Large collections load more items again
  • Files outside of source directories can be edited
  • Updated Stripe connection to latest versions
  • Fixed issue with documentation link in Assets page
  • Better previews of site icons with transparency
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