Global configuration

January 20th, 2022 | Major

This release brings support for separate global configuration files across all supported SSGs, see the migration guide to separate your SSG configuration from your CloudCannon global configuration. A number of other general features and fixes are also included.


  • CloudCannon-specific global configuration files across all SSGs
  • Improved post processing and compression build steps
  • New sort and sort_options collection configuration keys for better control over sorting
  • form elements with the cms-no-rewrite class no longer get encrypted or processed during a build


  • Fix initial folder when selecting existing files in file inputs with custom paths
  • Resolve potential failed re-authentication flow in editor
  • Prevent unnecessary clones when source syncing changes
  • Fix error when using certain editor link setups
  • Fix Hugo _index.html files not being editable in some situations
  • Fix SVG image previews in file inputs
  • Configuring collections for Eleventy sites no longer unsets the automatically discovered collections
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