Unfreezing the code for 2022 with Unlisting data files, mailer improvements and more.

January 12th, 2022 | Minor

This release brings the option to unlist specified data files from the site navigation. Also included are a number of minor features and bug fixes.


  • Added option to unlist data files from the site navigation
  • Tidied up mailers to align with the 2021 UI Improvements
  • Added support for Hugo publishDir config


  • Fixed layout of the Inbox navigation menu
  • Fixed issue exporting Inbox to CSV
  • Fixed default value for select type inputs when using allow_empty
  • Fixed issue uploading files on image inputs when using a custom upload directory
  • Default to use an existing branch when syncing a new site to a repository
  • Fixed issue refreshing the syncing logs when creating a new site using local files
  • Fixed wording around payment credits
  • Added full billing address to invoices
  • Fixed potential XSS vector
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