Live editing on the Visual Editor

October 1st, 2021 | Minor

This release introduces live editing between the front matter and the visual editor. It covers a number of other improvements to features and the usual bug fixes.

With this release we’re also launching a restructure of the documentation website.


  • Introduced live editing on Visual Editor
  • Restructured the documentation website
  • Hugo updated to 0.88.1
  • Added support for NVM on build hooks
  • Added support for yarn on build hooks
  • Added support for creating new items on the default Pages collection
  • Added support to tar.gz file format when uploading a zip
  • Reworked the collection navigation to be key-based rather than path-based
  • Incresed limit of redirect paths to 10000


  • Fixed issue uploading a zip file with Git submodules
  • Fixed issue uploading a zip with a single folder
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