Quality of life improvements

August 6th, 2021 | Minor

This release includes a number of quality of life changes to the CloudCannon user interface, and improves the onboarding process. Also included are a number of security updates and bug fixes.


  • Added scoped collection configuration
  • Enabled editors can now be set per-collection in your global config
  • Improvements to the customer onboarding process
  • Data files will now use their images as thumbnails in the explore view
  • Added links to CloudCannon documentation on most of the settings pages
  • Improved empty states within the app
  • More information in the app about ongoing business plan trials
  • Security improvements to the password reset flow


  • Fixed an issue syncing with gitlab
  • Front matter link picker now allows more filetypes
  • Fixed a bug preventing Dropbox from being disconnected from sites
  • Fixed an issue causing some Hugo collections to not show in the sidebar
  • Fixed some issues with Hugo sites using a custom source directory
  • Fixed an issue with CloudCannon instance values in array structures
  • Fixed a bug with sort controls in the CloudCannon collection views
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