Removing Dropbox

June 28th, 2021 | Minor

This release removes Dropbox as an option for all sites. Dropbox connected sites were deprecated earlier this year and will cease syncing in the next 48 hours. Included in this release are a number fixes for a variety of workflows.


  • Sessions now expire in 2 days time
  • Resolved a few cases around DNS zone initialization
  • Keyboard shortcut to save is more reliable
  • Git connections are retained when changing OAuth accounts
  • Fixed a case where builds get stuck between build steps

Future changes#

In an upcoming release, we will be adding the following ruby versions:

  • 2.4.10
  • 2.5.9
  • 2.6.7
  • 2.7.3
  • 3.0.1

Our new default Ruby version will be 3.0.1. As we need to keep our build image updated we will be bumping sites across minor versions. We are dropping Ruby 2.3 which was end of life in 2018, and we will bump unsupported major versions to the next available version. Ruby versions can be set using rbenv. The following versions will be removed:

  • All 2.3 versions, sites will be bumped to use Ruby 2.4.10. Deprecated on CloudCannon since 2019.
  • 2.4.6
  • 2.5.5
  • 2.5.8
  • 2.6.2
  • 2.6.6
  • 2.7.1
  • 3.0.0

We will also be upgrading our build image from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 20 which is the latest LTS. We don't anticipate any large issues with this update but if you have any concerns, please contact support.

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