Array structure improvements

May 31st, 2021 | Minor

This release builds on our array structures, provides a feature to commit files from a build back to your Git repository, and removes Google Analytics from the app. A number of other features and fixes are also included.


  • Better previews in the data editor for array structure items
  • Array structures now support configuration definitions
  • Social icons in data editor inputs updated
  • Increased form submission rate limit
  • Fork template flow removed in favor of select template flow only
  • Removed Google Analytics
  • Commit file updates from a build back to your syncing provider


  • Array structure images now correctly sized in selection modal
  • Data files with _comments fixed
  • Added missing lines before content for files with hide_content enabled
  • Form submissions in inbox section correctly ordered newest to oldest
  • First authentication to a provider during site create flow now redirect correctly
  • Fixed a permission issue preventing technical editors from seeing build logs
  • Form submissions without _to or _hook now correctly recorded as errors
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