Compiler improvements

August 11th, 2020 | Minor

This release fixes a number of issues across all systems. Builds will be faster and more reliable.


  • Allow Cloudflare Proxy websites to use Full (strict) SSL encryption mode
  • Allow Cloudflare Proxy websites to have a custom SSL uploaded.
  • Site activity added to reports on a merge


  • Fixed formatting for some syncing logs.
  • Fixed URL to update Authentication settings misconfigured.
  • Remove access to files served under "_cloudcannon" folder.
  • Fixed issue not deleting files removed from the output syncing.
  • Fixed an issue where pages get stuck on "Building site" when loading the Visual Editor, despite site not currently building
  • Fixed bundle cache not caching
  • Fixed URL previews in front matter editor showing "visual editor" and nothing else
  • Fixed large image previews in editor not loading
  • Prevented Client editor showing branding on the basic plan
  • Removed deprecated command line option of --path on bundle installs
  • Fixed domains from showing "Can't find nameservers"
  • Blocking users from selecting white as the brand color due to visibility issues
  • Fixed Visual Editor for an HTML file with no front matter
  • Preventing "Use Existing Image" linking to an image in _site, which causes a broken link on the site
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