Navigation and Editor Improvements

December 19th, 2018 | Major

This release improves the navigation flow when editing your sites. The editor is now split screen if your screen is wide enough, and also toggle-able to full screen. The editor itself now queues up file uploads, so changes to a file and any attached images are saved at the same time, in the same commit.


  • Improved navigation breadcrumb
  • Split screen editor
  • Batched file uploads with save in Visual and Content editors
  • Code blocks and embeds are now supported in Rich Text front matter fields
  • Rich Text front matter fields are now taller
  • Environment variables fields now wider with visible-on-click style


  • File count for folders in Explore now account for hidden files
  • Folders only containing a Collection Defaults file are now displayed in the Explore section
  • Fixed issue creating files in new folders without Collection Defaults file
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