Editor Link Modals

July 10th, 2018 | Minor

This release improves the Editor Link feature with an option to edit fields in a modal. A number of other options have been added and bugs fixed.


  • Editor Link modal style
  • Option to hide fields in front matter (alternative to prefixing the key with an underscore)
  • Options for customising the Source Editor per site (syntax highlighting, tab size and line numbers)
  • Option to disable main heading in Content Editor
  • Better input handling when adding domains
  • Updated preinstalled gems to increase site build times


  • Issue preventing site delete due to existing webhook
  • Styling issue for file upload progress
  • Issue preventing connecting publish branch if only two branches exist
  • Issue preventing custom classes for blockquotes in Markdown content
  • Comments in custom editor CSS now ignored
  • After authenticating Dropbox now automatically connects to your site on return
  • Fixed social avatar URLs for front matter fields
  • Duplicate class names with different elements in custom editor CSS fixed
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