Bitbucket Publish Flow

May 8th, 2018 | Minor

This release brings the previously GitHub-only publish flow to Bitbucket-linked sites. A number of general issues have also been fixed.


  • Publish flow for Bitbucket-linked sites
  • Updated privacy policy and terms


  • Existing copy suffixes are respected when using a copy of an existing image
  • Orphaning pending shares issue when changing email address
  • Client Sharing changes no longer show up as authored by logged in user if present
  • Link popout no longer opens on undo if link is first in content
  • Work around Chrome CORS cache issue preventing using existing images in editor
  • Potential mixed content warnings when using externally hosted images
  • Using existing images will no longer create a copy if not required
  • Front matter image picker previews display correctly with custom source set
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