Free Jekyll Templates

December 9th, 2016 | Minor

This release adds a choice of free Jekyll templates to the empty site state. Included in this release are a number of additional features, aesthetic changes and bug fixes.


  • New design for empty site choices
  • Ability to use or fork templates on an empty site
  • Option to prevent "save password" browser prompts in client editor
  • Preinstalled Jekyll 3.3.1 and other gems on all build servers
  • Added support for cite editable elements


  • External images now load in the collection view
  • Letter spacing no longer affects image popout text
  • More Git syncing error handling
  • Rich text front matter interfaces fixed on array position change
  • Compressor rewriting edge case srcset correctly
  • Image upload using custom Jekyll source correctly
  • Edge case populating multiselect from collection defined as object
  • Other general fixes
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