I18n improvements, updated path selector UI and general fixes

September 5th, 2016 | Minor

This release includes a number of improvements to i18n, source configurations and an updated path selector interface.


  • _path front matter now defaults to upload from computer and has select from browser as an option button
  • Localised sites now inject the language code into the lang attribute on the html element
  • i18n state added to the Status section of localised sites


  • Full page activity feed for non-developers
  • Collection tab broken when source is set to . or ./
  • i18n options are now only shown for pro sites with locales
  • CSS compressor no longer makes unsafe optimisations
  • Embedded data URLs no longer break after CSS compression
  • Path correction in i18n produces the correct URL
  • Assets within the editor are no longer cached unnecessarily
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