New and Improved Front Matter Interfaces

August 9th, 2016 | Major

This release includes a number of new front matter interfaces, a redesigned site Status section, and general bug fixes.


  • Fresh design for Status section
  • Social front matter interfaces (Google+, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email address)
  • Rich text front matter interfaces (Markdown and HTML)
  • Number front matter interface
  • Image and document front matter interfaces
  • Option to provide default values for new array items in front matter
  • Separate billing email address to receive invoices
  • SSL and other security improvements


  • Fix some gzip issues when serving files
  • Remove invoices potentially appearing over the free trial
  • Prevent potential broken links when using @import in CSS files with optimisations
  • Prevent error caused by syntax validation in some cases
  • Fixed build error display in Visual Editor
  • Fixed issue when syncing an extremely large number of files
  • Select front matter interface sorting issue
  • Minor style fixes
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