DNS Improvements and Plugin Fixes

June 22nd, 2016 | Minor

This release further streamlines our domain and DNS workflow, particularly with apex domains and External DNS. Issues with Jekyll Plugins have been fixed from feedback from users in the private beta - contact support to join if you haven't already.


  • Clearer workflow for DNS and configuring domains
  • Support for multiple TXT records with CloudCannon DNS
  • Instructions and interface for configuring an apex domain on External DNS
  • CloudCannon interface support for Jekyll versions >= 3.1.4


  • FTP syncing issue
  • Dropbox to CloudCannon syncing issues
  • Solved plugin issues related to latest nokogiri version
  • Files and folders starting with an underscore are now hidden when browsing files in front matter _path selector
  • Improved error handling for creating a new files from Collection Defaults with invalid front matter
  • Improved error handling for SSL
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