Link editor improvements

September 28th, 2015 | Major

This release includes a redesign of the link pop out in the Visual Editor. The design is more consistent and streamlined for users. The preview mode is no longer required.


  • Client interface preview, support and documentation URL options
  • Button for adding new array item improved
  • Kramdown for Markdown parsing to match Jekyll
  • Support for .ejs files
  • Move up a folder action for files in browser
  • Date support in CSV editor
  • Improved file actions in Explore / Pages section


  • Disable output and permalink editing for a collection in the Explore section
  • Prevent browser find overscrolling editor content
  • Start with template option removed
  • Ensure Jekyll indicator hidden in some cases for static sites
  • Prevent multiple applications of a coupon
  • Login screen users update correctly when email changed
  • New collection items with dates now formatted with ISO8601 format
  • Markdown pages displayed in Explore / Pages section
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