Site Speed, Highlight tags in markdown editor and pages list

September 21st, 2015 | Major

A DOS attack early last week forced us to review page performance. The improvements made are:

  • Improved caching of the sites to get a ~5 times improvement in load speeds.
  • Applied rate limiting to a site to prevent malicious attacks on all sites.
  • Blocked common attack vectors for a Wordpress/php site to reduce load on servers.
  • Blocked pinging services that clog your google analytics. These flooded referrer stats to gain backlinks.
  • Compression on sites are now performed immediately after a Jekyll compile.


  • Added support for highlight tag in markdown editor. This retains the content like a pre tag.
  • Users will need to downgrade before deleting their account to stop accidental deletions
  • New pages list in the Explore section. This allows clients to navigate and clone pages
  • Added support for category posts folders. Each category is listed in the Explore section. For example, posts in /cats/_posts are separated from those inside /_posts. All drafts remain in /_drafts/, upon publishing the category decides where they should go. No change will occur if you have all posts in /_posts.


  • Safari client editor failed to login on first use
  • Client editor move/delete files were not working for some users
  • WebSocket connection fixed for firefox windows
  • Auth routes broke in some cases
  • General bug fixes and tweeks
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