New inputs configuration and more

November 25, 2021

This release introduces configuration for inputs separate from the naming conventions. It’s all backwards compatible, and we have a migration guide to start changing your sites over. There are a number of new inputs and options for each.


  • Color inputs have new format and alpha options, falling back to the naming convention if these options are not set.
  • Hiding inputs is now set with hidden in an _inputs entry rather than an option, since it’s available for any input type. This key also supports a string where the input is hidden based on the value of another input. This can start with a ! to reverse the value.
  • Object structures are now supported. These allow you to configure objects between an empty state (null) and a selection of object formats. Useful if you have components with a limited number of sub-components.
  • Two new inputs: Range number input and a Switch boolean input. These are only available with the new inputs config. More input types coming soon, contact support if you have specific requests.
  • Comments now support a limited set of Markdown: links, bold, italic, subscript, superscript and inline code elements are allowed. Links in this block also support Editor Links.
  • Better object previews with configurable text and subtext.
  • Select and multiselect inputs now have the value_key option to set how values are saved, and the text_key option for setting how values are displayed.
  • Added disabled input type for visible, uneditable text values.
  • step, min and max options for number inputs.
  • Configuration for changing the label and type of an input separate from the naming conventions.


  • Number inputs are invalid if they don’t contain numbers.
  • Corrected the textarea input naming convention from text to textarea.
  • Clone page is now hidden if _disable_add is true.
  • Webhooks now fail if they have no site attached.
  • HTML, Markdown and Code Block is no longer stripped from input labels.
  • Fixed some valid values not being allowed when adding DNS records.