UI Improvements 2021

November 17, 2021

We’re really excited to release the updates to our app UI outlined in our blog post: Sparking joy: CloudCannon UI improvements. Along with the usual fixes we’ve also overhauled the settings area for Custom domains.


  • Tidied up type, colours and icons.
  • Eight pixel borders across the majority of our elements.
  • Improved button hierarchy, and styles including hover states and active effects.
  • Cleaner site menu, context menus, file browser and dropdowns.
  • Improved image selector for editable class and data inputs.
  • Overhauled Custom domain setup pages. 
  • Added separate page for preview URL details (future configurations to come here).
  • Added option to configure wildcard redirects for subdomains. 


  • Fixed issue loading the data-editor JSON files with top-level arrays.
  • Fixed YAML indentation when saving a new collection item.
  • Fixed issue with content menu for link inputs rendering on the wrong position.

Future Changes:

In an upcoming release, we will be adding support for Node.js 16.x and making Node.js 16.x and npm 7.x the default versions. To stay on Node.js 14.x you can add a .nvmrc file to the site and run nvm use (or simply run nvm use 14) in the build hooks.