Improved UI and Better Team Pricing

August 28, 2015

Today we introduce a new pricing model. This creates a better agency flow with less upgrade steps and white-labelling. You can read more about it in our pricing change announcement.

CloudCannon will look very different. Everything from the login screens to the app layout has changed. Here is a complete list of the UI Changes

  • User navigation has its own routes and is available in a single sidebar. This gives you access to all settings in a single place and frees up the header for contextual controls.
  • Site navigations merged into a single sidebar. Labels are always visible which removes the need to remember which icon is which.
  • New icons site wide from Google Material Design.
  • New UI added to allow easier navigation to other pages within the visual editor.
  • Uploads have a new encoding without spaces or brackets. This solves some encoding issues when outputting to a page.
  • A new plans page within account settings which gives better visibility to your payment details
  • Currently shared to users show up in site sharing for easy resharing
  • Sharing interface tidied to allow faster updates to existing shares
  • Background images added to login and sidebar header
  • Better mobile styles in all sections of the app
  • Markdown editor handles files starting with an hr or an empty yaml header
  • Font changed from Roboto to Open Sans
  • General bug fixes