More control over empty values

January 19, 2023

This release contains a variety of features and fixes.



  • Letters will no longer be converted to HTML entities by the Editor interface.
  • Prevent Markdown characters from being “escaped” unnecessarily.
  • The flow for creating a new site is now more consistent across different parts of the app.
  • Fixed issue with Client Sharing not able to select files from a DAM.
  • The Developer demo has been removed, in favour of the other starter templates we offer.
  • You can now edit your Single Sign On certificate without removing and re-adding your configuration.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some XML files from being used to pre-fill SSO/SAML details.
  • Removed some outdated information regarding SAML authentication.
  • Fixed an edge-case error around clicking the Save button.
  • Increased security measures around user data.
  • Implemented stricter locking of user accounts after multiple failed login attempts.
  • Security updates.