GitHub App integration

August 24, 2022

This release supports integrating with GitHub through GitHub Apps, enabling fine-grained permission on access to repositories and reducing permissions scope.  All existing GitHub integrations will continue to work.


  • 🆕 GitHub App integration.
  • Fine grained permission on GitHub repositories access. Only grant access to a limited number of repositories.
  • Reduced the number GitHub permissions required.
  • A new GitHub OAuth will conduct all logins with GitHub. As a result of this upgrade, you might need to authorize your account again.
  • Included are steps to migrate to the new GitHub App integration, found in  Organization Settings > Files > GitHub. Once migrated, a confirmation email will provide a link to revoke any old authentication in GitHub.
  • Input configuration support for array items, through nested selectors (e.g.[*]).


  • Fixed issue not updating tokens when logging in with a storage provider.
  • Fixed error message displayed when failing to authenticate with storage provider.