Editor Improvements

August 03, 2022

This release brings our series of editor improvements and features to everyone in CloudCannon. After weeks of Beta testing and ironing out a few bugs, we are excited to bring this new functionality to users. Our release from Beta also includes several new features and bug fixes:


  • Ability to edit multiple files before saving  and triggering a build
  • New save button behavior
  • New review screen for unsaved changes
  • Edit immediately after saving changes, even while your build is in progress
  • Allowed editing of front matter on unpublished HTML files in the visual editor
  • New option new_preview_url to set your preview to another page’s output URL
  • Support for nested inputs in _inputs config (e.g. seo.title will select title within the seo object)
  • Search added to our documentation using Pagefind


  • Fixed regression in syncing file permissions
  • Fixed syncing issue with large diffs
  • Fixed syncing issue with private submodules
  • Filenames are trimmed when files are created
  • Empty collections with schemas allow you to create new files
  • Fixed issues with the source editor saving invalid data/markup
  • Fixed issues with uploading after saving
  • Fixed issue where create routes used an incorrect file type
  • Fixed issue closing split editor after being prompted to discard changes
  • Fixed path issues around creating new files in the source editor with custom source paths
  • Fixed issue with generated pages not loading in the visual editor

Beta Features:

Some features on CloudCannon can be turned on by the support team. These are still in testing and are subject to change. Reach out to support if you want to try these new features.

  • Ability to write custom commit messages

Need more time on the old version?

If you, your team, or your clients need time to acclimate to the new saving flow and prefer to switch to the old way, we’ve added access to Legacy CloudCannon in your account settings menu.