Astro and MkDocs support

April 06, 2022

This release adds beta support for both Astro and MkDocs, two highly requested static site generators.

Also included in this release are some quality-of-life updates, and a number of bug fixes.


  • Support for Astro and MkDocs is now in beta
  • Better loading and error states for the Visual Editor
  • Wording on some buttons is now more semantically correct
  • Publishing with ‘merge and delete’ will now redirect you to the project upon completion
  • Consolidated the edit and create routes for files


  • Fixed an issue where the site Inbox failed to load in the client sharing interface
  • Fixed some performance issues when displaying large numbers of items
  • A single collaborator on multiple sites will now correctly show as one share in an organisation’s team settings
  • Fixed a bug causing site navigation to sometimes be hidden on new sites