Organization list and more filtering

March 17, 2022

This release brings monitoring to the Organization list and improves the site and domain lists by adding dynamic filtering and sorting functionality. We’re actively working on this area; more features will come in future releases. We’ve also added some new options in collections configuration and fixed a variety of issues.


  • New Organization list with more visibility
    • More details for each Organization, showing number of sites, Projects and domains
    • Displaying error status of sites
    • Pagination, sorting and filter options
    • New styling on left navigation
    • Link in the user dropdown menu to access Organization list
  • More filter and sorting options on sites and domains
    • Filter by a wide range of options
    • Bookmark friendly URLs for quick access to filters
    • More sorting options on sites
  • More collections_config options
    • Added description: a Markdown field that is rendered below the name of the collection
    • Added documentation: a link definition that allows you to add a docs link below the name of the collection
    • Expanded filter options that change what files are visible within the collection file list
  • New option image_size_attributes on _editables which disables width and height attributes being added to images


  • Fixed issue removing sites with recent form submissions
  • CloudCannon Hugo integration can handle larger sites
  • Cloudinary widget correctly responds with a single file
  • DAM preview list now copies the live URL of the selected asset
  • URL fields always shows https instead of occasionally http
  • Editor overlay menus no longer go off screen when elements are on the left side of the screen
  • Fixed a case where Hugo sites were missing a file from collections
  • Multiple staticDir values in Hugo no longer cause a build error