Custom site builds

October 14, 2021

This release adds support for custom site builds. To make use of this, select ‘Other’ from the list of SSGs in your build configuration. Also included are a number of minor features and bug fixes.


  • Added ‘Other’ SSG option
  • Data editor sidebar can now be resized
  • Added new subscribe/unsubscribe groups for emails. You can manage your email preferences by clicking the link in the footer of any email


  • Fixed a bug causing editor styles to not load if the app is opened in a new window
  • Fixed an issue causing spaces to be stripped from folder names
  • Fixed a bug where _enabled_editors would force data files to incorrectly open in the visual editor
  • Fixed a bug with image uploads when cloning newly made array items
  • Fixed a bug causing Hugo-style JSON front matter to be reformatted on save
  • Browser breadcrumb will now overflow onto new lines if text is long enough