Syncing reports

October 11, 2021

This release adds access to logs for source syncing and output syncing. Also included are a variety of bug fixes.


  • File picker now allows you to search for and select media files (e.g. mp3, mp4)
  • Data editor will now highlight the parent field when editing a child object
  • Added report with logs for source syncing and output syncing
  • Support output URLs for array structure image key
  • Data editor now supports arrays of arrays


  • Fixed an issue causing domains to not be cleared when domain name is removed
  • Fixed clicking Editor Links will reopen the sidebar if closed
  • Fixed a bug when parsing _defaults.json files
  • Uploading a site via upload will select .cloudcannon by default
  • Fixed some issues with closing context menus in the app
  • Fixed an issue with datetime fields being incorrectly saved as strings
  • Fixed a minor visual bug with icon colors in buttons
  • Site with building locked now shows correct tooltip in sites list
  • Fixed wildcard redirects for new domains using CloudCannon DNS