Upgraded Build Machine

July 12, 2021

This release is a major update to our build machine. We upgraded our build image from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 20 which is the latest LTS. Our new default Ruby version is 2.7.3, and we dropped Ruby 2.3, which reached end of life in 2018. The previous change log noted minor versions to be dropped; to reduce the impact of this update we have kept these versions and added a warning to the build output. Ruby versions can be set using rbenv. Please contact support if you have any issues.


  • Added support for Ruby 2.4.10
  • Added support for Ruby 2.5.9
  • Added support for Ruby 2.6.7
  • Added support for Ruby 2.7.3
  • Added support for Ruby 3.0.1
  • Added minor version bumping for Ruby versions
  • Added major version bumping for Ruby 2.3
  • Removed legacy build image reducing Rbenv confusion


  • Security improvements