Hugo version update

March 09, 2021

This release updates Hugo within CloudCannon to the latest version. This release also begins the process of deprecating Dropbox - read this blog post for more information.


  • Updated Hugo to 0.81.0_extended.
  • Clients can now access a view-only client interface for sites that have building and editing locked.
  • Increased the maximum depth for array structures .


  • Fixed an issue with ‘parsing front matter’ when saving in the visual editor.
  • Fixed an issue with self-hosted GitLab configuration.
  • Fixed an issue causing the editor to get stuck on ‘finalizing changes’.
  • Better handling of JSON syntax within YAML.
  • Fixed non-Latin characters being stripped from filenames.
  • Fixed a bug causing ‘Recently Open’ list to extend out of the viewable window.
  • Fixed a bug preventing new folders from being created during file upload.