User Interface Overhaul

September 22, 2020

This release builds on the navigation parts of the app, bringing in a huge number of improvements to the editing experience and reducing many tested and identified sources of confusion. A number of additional general features and fixes and also available.


  • New and improved user interface
  • Increased maximum build time from five minutes to nine minutes
  • Build messages can now be closed
  • Updated list of available material icons for collection icons
  • Updated build plugin to create build-time version of site config rather than _config.yml directly
  • Clone action for array item inputs


  • Fixed load order issue where baseurl would not display in header
  • Consolidated audio and video mime types for uploads
  • Fixed an edge case with links causing the save button to stay disabled
  • Fixed mark as spam issue with form submissions
  • Error message for symbols in a site name displayed correctly
  • Category folder posts and drafts now correctly use default _add_options
  • Fixed issue preventing some billing reminder emails from sending
  • Lowered rate limit on sign up verification code
  • Fixed actions in link input being unresponsive in some cases
  • Fixed the front matter editor not being accessible for posts in the visual editor in some configurations