Cookies and General Fixes

December 17, 2019

This release patches a variety of issues across the platform.


  • Editor now warns when using editable class on unsupported elements
  • _singular_key option for collections


  • Resolved a number of cookie related issues accessing the editor
  • Resolved potential redirect loop for client sharing login in Safari
  • Resolved issue adding existing images to editable regions in Safari
  • Fixed share emails not being sent in some configurations
  • Fixed CommonMark attribute list saving regression
  • Fixed CommonMark image URLs saving as incorrect path in some configurations
  • Fixed new sites created from existing branches
  • Sites with Markdown with GFM no longer cause errors in some configurations when loading editor
  • Resolved a number of issues with non-ASCII characters in URLs and file paths
  • Display issue preventing Add Site in Projects resolved
  • Fixed upload files when all files to be uploaded are ignored
  • Fixed issue with mutliple instances of tags multiselect
  • Apex sites with external DNS now show Cloudflare SSL status