General Fixes

September 04, 2019

This release solves a number of issues across the product.


  • Image upload not working in editor link modal
  • Editor links on <a> tags still follow the href
  • Invalid markdown produced with captioned tables in the markdown editor
  • Errors when trying to delete a site, or remove a domain from a site
  • A collections_dir and custom src dir makes select fields return an invalid string
  • Explore filter breaks in some cases
  • Select/multiselect inputs don’t use _singular_name for collection key
  • Removed “open link” on link popout in non-visual editor views
  • Incorrect dirty state prompt after publishing a post
  • Can’t add files to an empty site
  • Images won’t load in browser when opened from front matter image inputs
  • ‘Add Source’ button in Site Status menu does nothing
  • Design Tweak: Context menu should be slightly visible when not hovered
  • Fixed publish HTML draft flow
  • Creating an HTML collection item or post hangs forever
  • Site CSS can sometimes mess with the styling for Visual Editor controls