General Improvements and HTTP 2

May 24, 2019

This release rolls out HTTP 2 to our new hosting solution. A number of other general fixes and improvements have been made.


  • HTTP 2
  • Support for APNG files
  • Split and merge controls for table cells
  • Automatically open new array items in YAML and front matter fields
  • Button to download contact form data as CSV
  • Set width and height when changing images


  • Some edge cases when pasting into code blocks
  • Uploading a new image no longer saves old image in specific configuration
  • Categories with “css” in the name no longer appear as “HTML” in the interface
  • HTML new draft flow with prefilled title now always prompts for a new one
  • Fixed stuck reloading after saving changes under a specific configuration
  • Fix srcset not including non-retina path
  • Rich text inputs no longer show a flash of raw content when configured with custom styles