General Fixes

May 06, 2019

This release fixes a number of recently reported issues.


  • Added a helpful message when using an unsupported Ruby version


  • Resolved a number of issues causing the save button to enable unnecessarily
  • Prevented an error when selecting multiple sibling anchor tags
  • Resolved an issue causing the unsaved changes dialog to cancel correctly
  • Prevented the unsaved changes dialog from appearing twice in a row
  • Removed a potential XSS attack vector
  • Fixed a broken link to the scheduled builds documentation
  • Editable images now correctly populate the srcset attribute in all cases
  • Embeds are no longer cleared if saving a file after only changing the front matter in the Content and Visual Editors
  • Resolved an issue adding unnecessary href attributes to some elements
  • Adding an output storage provider now correctly displays in the activity log
  • Fixed some typos across the platform
  • No longer display the number of commits behind the publish branch since it increases on each merge