Publish Overview Improvements

April 12, 2019

This release brings a number of features and fixes, including improvements to the Publish section. Changes directly from Git are now displayed instead of the relevant CloudCannon activity for that site, giving a more accurate overview of the merge.


  • Improved Publish overview displaying provider-specific information
  • Drag-to-reorder support for multiselect inputs
  • Helper text for new projects
  • New HTML draft posts with date in front matter now initially set to today’s date to prevent unintentional build errors


  • Opening a publish request in Client Sharing no longer erroneously allows read access to some developer portions of the app
  • Files with txt extension no longer appear in Explore
  • “Create new file” no longer appears in recently opened files
  • Uploading a jpeg file with a specific configuration no longer breaks extension
  • Content in Collection Defaults files now correctly populated for new files
  • Many more Markdown-specific special characters supported in editor without breaking content
  • Various issues with creating and opening HTML posts, drafts and collection items from Explore fixed